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Sarah Morga, a black-haired, established woman in a grey suit, smiles at the camera.

Sarah Morga

Sarah Morga is one of the Producers and Writers of "The Big Dump," alongside her husband Brett Davis. 

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Sarah Morga is the Executive Director and co-founder of IQ Podcasts, production and media network. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of IQ Podcasts Magazine, which launched just a few months after establishing the IQ Podcasts production company. As co-founder, Sarah plays a pivotal role in the company's day-to-day operations, overseeing production, marketing, and business development. Under her leadership, the company has grown rapidly and has become a go-to source for podcast production services in San Diego. Sarah's expertise and creativity have been instrumental in the success of IQ Podcasts. She has a natural talent for storytelling and understands how to craft compelling narratives that engage listeners. Her dedication to quality has helped the company build a loyal following of listeners and clients. Sarah enjoys helping people tell their stories and share their ideas with the world. She says, "Every day is different, and I am constantly inspired by the creative energy of our clients and team members."


After high school, Sarah went to cosmetology school and became a top stylist while living in Monterey, California, partnering with a salon at the Barnyard in Carmel. After a few years, Sarah moved to San Diego and started her own clothing line for Nordstroms along with her business partner and best friend, Lisa Hieb. Their clothing line was sold at A-list stores across in California. She left the clothing industry after meeting her soulmate Brett Davis, to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry by his side. After fifteen years, Sarah left the fitness industry and became the Executive Producer for the Brett Davis Success Hour on ESPN radio. Eventually, she took the role of co-host. With the couple's fun-loving banter, along with the support and collaboration of their new producer and co-host Larry Delrose, they were able to amass a radio audience of ten million listeners. The radio show wrapped up in July 2023.

Both Sarah and Brett are focused on their new endeavor with film documentaries and more podcast shows, the magazine and events. 

Sarah and Brett also founded The San Diego Teachers Academia Awards back in 2019, which is a formal gala that shines the light on educational distinction and recognizes excellence by honoring exceptional educators, including support staff and Legends who have given their lives to education. In 2022, Sarah and Brett honored thirteen local citizens for charitable and selfless acts of kindness at a dinner and talent show event held in Coronado.


Sarah Morga grew up as an Army brat.  She traveled the world with her family and moved around every few years.  She went to twenty-one different schools starting from K- 12, and had to learn early on that the only way to make it through life was to adapt. Her favorite saying, is a quote from Bruce Lee, "Be like water." To her, the quote means adapting to one's surroundings while flowing through the currents of life, and navigating the ever-changing tides with an open mind and open heart.

Outside of work, Sarah is an avid traveler and enjoys exploring new cultures and cuisines. She is also a passionate advocate for social justice and uses her platform at IQ Podcasts to shine a light on important issues and causes.

Her dedication, creativity, and passion have made her an invaluable asset to the San Diego multimedia community.

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