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Landon Carrasco, a younger man (mid-twenties), grins assuredly at the camera, half-doused in sunlight.

Landon Carrasco

Landon Carrasco is one of the Cinematographers and the Drone Photographer of "The Big Dump." 

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Landon Carrasco works with his father at Carrasco Creative Services as an aerial cinematographer. His mastery of cutting-edge drone photography has established him as a skilled and creative cinematographer. In 2022, Landon collaborated with the official McMillin Racing sports team at the Baja 1000. He also filmed the Baja 250 in San Felipe and is looking forward to the team’s future ventures. His work on the Baja 500 Race Recap earned him thousands of fans on social media and the race track. 

Landon’s dedication and talent is a great aid to the message of “The Big Dump.” With his revealing drone footage, the sheer scale of this disaster comes to light. Landon continues to pursue his craft both solo and with Carrasco Creative Services. Click the links above (and watch the film) to check out his work!

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