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Fighting The Pacific Ocean Sewage Crisis

Your joyful beach days are under attack. 

Raw sewage fills the water across the Pacific coastline. The airborne bacteria settles in people's lungs, contributing to a rise of serious illnesses. Throughout the making of this film, we have discovered the reality that the government has yet to achieve results since the problem began in 1935. Our planet must be saved. This documentary serves as a crucial educational resource by enlightening communities, policymakers, and organizations about the environmental, health, and economic consequences of the sewage crisis. 

It is now time to turn this crisis over to the people. It is up to all of us to protect our environment. This film will also help the City of Tijuana, Mexico, residents live a healthier and more sanitary life. We want to raise awareness, inspire action, and ultimately ensure cleaner oceans for everyone.

Help Save Our Earth

Donations will enable us to highlight successful initiatives, innovative technologies, and policy changes that have the potential to address the sewage crisis effectively.

We aim to inspire a broader range of solutions that could become models for other coastal areas facing similar challenges.

Federal Emergency:
Will You Endorse?

Add your name to the list to help bring this crisis to the President's attention. This is a federal emergency that must be stopped. Click the button below to visit Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer's forum to Stop The Sewage: NOW!

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