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The Big Dump

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The Big Dump Trailer 2 mp4

The Big Dump Trailer 2 mp4

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Help Save Our Earth

Donations will enable us to highlight successful initiatives, innovative technologies, and policy changes that have the potential to address the sewage crisis effectively.

We aim to inspire a broader range of solutions that could become models for other coastal areas facing similar challenges.

About "The Big Dump"

A Crisis On Your Coastline

"The Big Dump" is a powerful documentary that sheds light on the urgent Pacific Ocean crisis stemming from the Mexican border into San Diegan waters. Millions of gallons of sewage spill down the coast every day. This film exposes the devastating impact of untreated sewage on marine life, ecosystems, and coastal communities, while advocating for sustainable solutions and stricter regulations. Explore the site to watch exclusive clips and to find out information about screening times.

"Check In Before You Get In!"

Click the link below for real-time updates on the San Diego beach and bay water quality! Don't go swimming during yellow and red times and consider how close you live to the most affected areas. 

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